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Range Service

You can organize different shooting activities at HKPS range.


Shooting Team Development

HKPS loves to share our enthusiasm to different people. Alongside different organizations, we help people who are interested in shooting to develop their own team and shoot professionally. 


Outreach Service

HKPS provide various pistol and rifle shooting activities: 


Basic Course

Extracurricular Activities

Basic Gear Upgrade & Repairement


Organize Competition

Challenges provide great opportunities for growth. You can pinpoint your strength, meet new companion when you are learning. To facilitate shooters' learning and have better personal growth, HKPS helps organize different competitions eg. within-organization, inter-organization. 


Set Up Carnival Booth

HKPS does not only set up stages at our own range, we also go to different organization, set up carnival booths to spread fun around in a safe way. 


Equipment Purchase

HKPS believes "a good beginning is half success". Therefore, we do not only provide gear rental service, we also provide quality equipment suggestions and offer support along the procurement process.    

Our Happy Clients

"Add a testimonial that a happy customer or client has said about working with you."

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON


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